Friday, 24 May 2013

Day 0: Lands End Ride - Final Preparations

I've done most of my packing now and fitted everything into two panniers (as has Nicky). The final weight of my panniers is about 9 kg consisting roughly as follows:
  • 1 bag cycling clothes
  • 1 bag casual clothes
  • 1 pair casual shoes (cycling in SPD shoes)
  • full waterproofs
  • sunglasses and gloves
  • toilet bag (no towels)
  • swim suit (for Cornwall - ever hopefull!)
  • small vacuum flask for morning coffees
  • map (road atlas of SW)
  • iPhone & charger (with Kindle for reading books)
  • bike locks
Also in our small wedge saddle bags we'll be carrying spare inner tubes, puncture kit and tools.

I decided to go for a low tech navigation approach with printed out itineries in my handlebar mounted iPhone case, although I do have the map and Satnav if I need it. I can't really see the maps properly on my phone anyway without reading glasses, although the Satnav app is pretty clear. I'm planning on using single carriageway A roads most of the time too, so it should be quite straight forward, apart from a few deviations to avoid busy dual carriageways. We might take alternative back roads if we get tired of busy A roads, but A roads tend to be straighter and flatter.

The weather forecast is looking ok: mostly dry with sunny intervals apart from showers on Tues and Weds, with light NW winds and temperatures around 15 C at midday.

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