Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lunch at Winslow

The weather was sunny and quite mild, so Nicky and I cycled to Winslow for a light lunch in a cafe. 35 mile round trip.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Afternoon Ride

I've just done a 25 mile ride on my hybrid this afternoon over Ashridge to Eddlesborough then across to Mentmore via the great train robbers bridge and back through Wingrave. I didn't fancy a full days ride like last Saturday which seemed to take a day or two to recover from. Anyway it was wet this morning and I had my Tesco shop to do as usual. The hybrid made a pleasant change on the bum, and was only slightly slower, with an average of 12.2 mph. Mind you the comparison is difficult as today was shorter - but hillier 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ride in the Sun

The weather was clear and sunny today, if a little cold, so I set off at 8:30 for a decent ride. Stopped for a coffee at Winslow then across Aylesbury vale and uphill to Brill. Then went on to Long Crendon for a cafe lunch. Back via Thame and Longwick, where I bought a tea from the garage and drank it sitting on sacks of coal. I was feeling pretty weary by the end of the ride, at 2:30. 61 miles total, average speed 12.6 mph.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Xmas Rides

I managed to fit in 3 rides over the holiday period on my road bike, in between the showers, including a 23 mile ride on Boxing Day in the mist - with the sun breaking through.
I was given an iPhone 5 case for my bike by one of my sons, but haven't tried it out yet. We also got a cycling book called 'Escape Routes' with short round trips in England. I plan on doing a fair bit of cycling this year to keep fit, however the only long trip we have planned is a tour of East Anglia in May with Nicky my wife. We'll carry our own luggage and stay in pubs and B&Bs.
My wife, eldest son and I all made resolutions to loose some weight this year, and apart from a low fat, high fibre diet, I'll be continuing my regular jogging, gym and swimming sessions. I did a 7 km run on Monday on often muddy footpaths. I'm 12 stone now, and hope to get down to 11 stone by Easter.