Thursday, 30 September 2010

Rethink on C2C

A couple of things have caused us to rethink the idea of a coast to coast bike ride next May. Firstly Nicky has had a bad back since our 40 mile bike ride - although it's pretty well back to normal now, and was probably caused by digging our allotment rather than cycling. So she hasn't cycled since, although I've been cycling to work 2 or 3 times a week and doing the odd short trip at weekends. Hopefully Nicky'll be back in the saddle soon for some gentle rides. The second - and main factor is that logistically it will be easier to drive up to my parents near Leeds and do a round trip over the North Yorks Moors, down the Yorkshire coast and back. It will also be a lot cheaper since the train costs or one way car hire costs to Morcambe and back from Brid are quite a lot.

I'm still planning on a 60 odd bike ride from Tring to Wallingford and back with my old LEJOG chums on 10th Oct. Nicky plans to just meet us for a pub lunch. More on this later.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Nicky's New Bike - Trek T30

Nicky got he new bike last week and we took it for a 40 mile ride on Sunday to Thame and Long Creendon. It's very similar to my Giant CRS 2.0 City pictured in the background. The gearing is slightly lower on the Trek with a 12-32 tooth cassette, compared with my 11-30 one. Also the Trek has 7 gear cassette compared with my 8 gear one, so there are bigger jumps between gears. It also has grip shifters, an adjustable handlebar stem and a suspension seatpost. Both bikes came fitted with mudgards and luggage rack and weigh around 10kg. They both have 700 x 35 mm tyres with some grips for cycle tracks.

Nicky and I had a good cycle ride yesterday, although it rained much of the way there. We had a coffee break near Wendover, our packed lunch in a shelter at Thame, visited the Long Crendon Courthouse, then had tea and cake at Chearsley.