Sunday, 21 July 2013

Short Road Trip and Wallingford

The weather was quite pleasant this weekend (mid 20s), so I ventured out on my road bike for my usual 15 mile ride via Wingrave and Mentmore yesterday afternoon. Today started off cool then got hotter and sunnier. We spent the day at Wallingford walking the Thames Path, swimming in the open air pool and river, picnicking and sunbathing.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Too Hot for Much Cycling

With temps up to 28-32C in the day lately we haven't done any weekend rides this month, and have opted for shady walks instead.
I have though been commuting regularly - every day this week. The mornings are very pleasant with temps around 20C, however at 5.30pm it's been really hot and humid, which has made the climb up the hill near Aston Clinton quite tough.
Nicky has been planning next summer's bike ride from Dieppe to the Auverne following the trail of her Dad's teenage hike in 1938. The plan is to get a train to Newhaven then the ferry to Dieppe, cycle for about 7 days covering around 50 miles a day with luggage, then rent a gite with pool and a hire car and do a bit of walking, returning by train. I was wondering about cycling in walking shoes rather than SPD ones, however having tried it this week I'm missing the SPDs going up hills and at junctions when positioning pedals. So I'll probably just buy a pair of trainers when I get there.
I've booked my road bike in for its first service soon, and will no doubt have a few day trips when our eldest son is back from Vietnam at the end of the month.
Has anyone found a decent alternative to Google Reader? I used to read blogs I'm following on my iPhone and Windows laptop - but now it's gone it's not easy to keep track of new posts.