Thursday, 26 July 2012


I took the day off today to go for a ride with our eldest son, who is home from his job in Vietnam. We set off soon after 9.00 before it got hot, with him trying out his reconditioned Ricci. He and the bike performed well averaging around 16 mph (compared to my usual 12-14 mph dawdle). We stopped for coffee and cake at Chinnor Garden Centre, then headed on to Wallingford arriving at around 11.30. Nicky met us at the Boat House pub where we had fish n chips washed down with some decent beer. By then the temp was about 30C, so we went for a swim in the Thames and sunbathed for a bit before Nicky drove us home. An excellent 30 mile ride and day out.

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Nickey Line

Nicky and I had a family lunch to attend yesterday near Kimpton east of Harpenden, Herts, which was a 25 mile ride cross country. The weather was excellent for cycling - wall to wall sunshine, about 25C with a breeze. We set off at around 10am, cycled over the Chilterns to Potten End, stopped for our flask of coffee at Redbourn, then cycled on the aptly named  Nickey Line - and off-road bike track on an abandonned railway line between Redbourn and Harpenden. Although the surface was a bit stoney and muddy at least it was flat. We got there about 12.30 and had a long buffet lunch and a couple of  beers outside with about 15 others, then headed back about 4.30pm. The return journey was a bit tougher partly as we were going into the wind. So it was a 50 mile ride with quite a few hills in excellent weather. Nicky did well and it was probably the longest she's cycled in 1 day (although she's done several almost as long.)

Total weekly mileage 98. (3 commutes)

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Nicky & I cycled a round trip of 41 miles today in a fine and sometimes sunny day. We stopped at Haddenham thinking we'd have a pub lunch, but the pubs we tried only had no food or roasts. So we made do with our flask of coffee and cereal bars, next to the duck pond.
Total mileage this week 82 miles.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Land's End Route Revisited

I realised the other day that next summer Nicky and I won't have to get to Penzance in 5 days, but could take 6 days and still have the day for a round trip to Land's End and 2 days off before heading home. This would mean we'd only have to cycle 45 to 50 miles a day over a 2 week period, and would see a bit more of the sights and have time for long lunches! We also decided to go back over Dartmoor! So I re-planned the route as follows:
  1. Sat - Tring to Newbury, 50 miles
  2. Sun - Newbury to Frome, 53 miles
  3. Mon - Frome to Wellington, 49 miles
  4. Tue - Wellington to Oakhampton, 45 miles
  5. Wed - Oakhampton to St Austell, 52 miles
  6. Thu - St Austell to Penzance, 42 miles
  7. Fri - Penzance, Land's End, Penzance, 20 miles
  8. Sat - Day off
  9. Sun - Day off
  10. Mon - Penzance to Lostwithiel, 50 miles
  11. Tue - Lostwithiel to Mortonhampstead, 52 miles
  12. Wed - M'hampstead to Ilminster, 47 miles
  13. Thu - Ilminster to Warminster, 45 miles
  14. Fri - Warminster to Newbury, 50 miles
  15. Sat - Newbury to Tring, 50 miles
Total mileage 605 (although it will probably be longer as we'll take some back roads).
Only 2 commutes by bike this week, so weekly mileage only 32 miles so far.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Paris Geneva Nice

One of the cyclists on my brother's ride last month has posted some photos on the following sites. It looks like they had good weather most of the time and lots of fun. I'm jealous I couldn't make it.
My brother Mike's the bearded grey haired chap, frequently seen posing amusingly by road signs ("Mens" is my favourite one in the 2nd set!). Eurostar managed to buckle his back wheel on the way over so he had to ride a hybrid on the first day till Discover Adventure replaced it for him.
This week I've only ridden 32 miles, 1 commute and a short ride yesterday.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I went along to my old spinning class yesterday and had a good workout. The weather's been a bit wet for cycling to work, and I'm sharing lifts with my son at the moment as he has a 3 week summer job.
Meanwhile in Hungary, where we're cycling next month, it's sunny and 35C. My brother Mike finished his Paris to Nice bike ride last week, but I haven't had chance to talk to him as he's still in France.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Winslow Circuit

Nicky and I cycled 37 miles on our hybrids today, having lunch at a café in Winslow N Bucks. The weather was quite pleasant for cycling, although quite windy with some drizzly showers I don't think were forecast. Nicky did well considering it was her work's do last night and she had several beers and a Jäger bomb! (I was driving). I tried out my cargo shorts which kept my thighs cool and didn't cause soreness, but I think padded shorts would be better on long trips. I might use them for commuting on hot days.
I did a short 13 mile ride yesterday on my road bike up Ashridge and nr Ivinghoe Beacon too, which along with 3 commutes makes my weekly total 98 miles.