Sunday, 23 January 2011

Phoenix Trail - Thame to P Risborough

I bought a book called 'Traffic Free Cycle Trails' by Nick Cotton that has details of UK cycle tracks for hybrids and mountain bikes. So Nicky and I tried out this one today and put our bikes on my new roof rack. It's a nice track along a disused railway line and is part asphalt, part gravel. There are scupltures such as these Clanger type creatures and wooden structures along the way. We had a pub lunch at P Risboro then cycled back to Thame (18 miles) from where I cycled home making a round trip of 39 miles.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Cycle Rack

I bought (from Halfords) a couple of roof mounted cycle racks (£20 each) and some roof bars (£60) and fitted them today. They're pretty good value and easy to fit - although I need a step to get the bikes up.
I already have a boot mounted rack but it doesn't really cope with 2 bikes, obscures your lights and prevents access to the boot.
The plan is to use this on our Yorks Dales trip and on day trips.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Short Ride to Mentmore

Nicky and I did a 16 mile ride on the BH Monday through Wingrave - where we had our flask of coffee, and back via Mentmore. It doesn't sound much but it's quite a milestone since it's the longest Nicky has cycled since her back problems. It also involved a couple of fairly steep hills.

I cycled to work yesterday and went to the gym today. Hoping to loose a pound a week over the next few weeks to get down from 12 to 11 st.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Day Ride

I cycled a 35 mile round trip today in the drizzle to Drayton Parslow where I sheltered in the church foyer (pictured) and had a pack lunch. I tried out my wife's Altura Arran pannier, which proved waterproof - and unlike my Halfords ones doesn't require extracting a plastic cover from a pocket in the base.
The snow we had until Xmas had melted on our return from visiting relatives up north. I also had a 20 mile ride to Wendover and Little Kimble on the Thursday. We've also been doing quite a bit of walking and sledging on Xmas day, and have broken in my wife's new hiking boots.