Friday, 3 May 2013

Commuting in the Sun

This week has been dry and sunny every day, so my car's not moved from my drive and I've cycled in every day - making a weekly total of 80 miles. It's been pretty cold first thing when I set off around 7.45 so I've been cycling in in long trousers and an extra layer on top, then cycling back at 5.30pm in shorts and less on top. It hasn't been quite warm enough for just a t-shirt on top, although I've noticed some hardy/foolish types cycling in shorts and t-shirts in the early mornings just after the frost has melted! I cycled once on my road bike, which has a luggage rack for my panniers, but decided that my hybrid is better on bumpy roads, and I prefer straight handlebars and easier gear and brake levers in traffic.
Over the bank holiday Sunday and Monday Nicky and I are cycling to Newbury and back, so I'm looking forward to that as the forecast is good.

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