Sunday, 10 March 2013

Land's End Trip Planning

Nicky and I are planning a ride from Tring to Land's End in May to raise money for the special needs school where she teaches. The original plan was to cycle there and get the train back, but there are only 5 bicycle places on each train, and despite trying to book at 10am on the day the tickets were available they are all booked up. So we've booked a one way MPV instead which we'll be able to make use of on our day off and we won't have the hastle of getting the bikes from Paddington to Euston and on the Tring train. The planned route so far is as follows, subject to change depending on which accommodation takes our fancy:
  1. Sat - Tring to Newbury, 50 miles
  2. Sun - Newbury to Frome, 53 miles
  3. Mon - Frome to Wellington, 49 miles
  4. Tue - Wellington to Oakhampton, 45 miles
  5. Wed - Oakhampton to St Austell, 52 miles
  6. Thu - St Austell to Penzance, 42 miles
  7. Fri - Penzance, Land's End, Penzance, 20 miles
  8. Sat - Day off
  9. Sun - Drive home.
We'll be carrying our own luggage and hope to do a bit of sight seeing along the way too, rather than spending whole days in the saddle. My brother Mike lives at Penzance and has kindly offered to put us up, and plans to join us for the "final leg".

I'll book accommodation and finalise the exact route when we get back from our ski-ing trip at Easter.

I haven't done much cycling lately, just 1 commute this week during the brief warm sunny spell. Today has been 2C with a biting easterly wind and light snow. The lambs pictured must be a bit shell shocked - taken on a bracing 5 mile walk.

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  1. Always a lot of fun working out the details of a multi day ride...will you be having a link on the blog so that your blog readers can donate to the cause.....?