Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ashridge Slapton Circuit

Today has been cold with snow flurries, but I decided to venture out on my road bike and test my new Garmin watch. My heart rate seemed to vary from around 120 to 145 bpm depending on whether I was climbing hills, which seems about right. I cycled over Ashridge up the quite steep Tom's Hill, then over towards Whipsnade and back via Slapton and Ivinghoe. A trip of around 22 miles. I soon warmed up, although my feet were pretty cold at the end, despite my winter shoes and wool socks. I'm looking into getting some neoprene overshoes that fit both my summer and winter shoes, to replace my worn ones.
Route and stats here

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  1. I bought some Endura Road overshoes today to fit both my winter and summer SPD mountain bike style shoes. I found that size XL fitted best, even though I'm only a size 42 (UK size 8).