Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday Winslow Circuit

The sun came out this morning and it was nice weather for cycling, as long as you were well wrapped up. I tried out my new Windchill II jacket on one of my regular circuits before lunch, and it performed well. The only part of me that was a bit cold at the end of my ride were my feet - although I've bought some XL neoprene overshoes for my winter shoes, they rub on the pedal crank - drat. Two pairs of wool socks kept me warm most of the ride though. I cycled to Winslow and had a coffee at the garage there. There are cafes - but the service tends to be slow, and at the garage you can sit on the bench over the road. I cycled back via Wing and Mentmore - a round trip of 38 miles, average speed 14.9 mph. I used the Garmin Fit app on my iPhone to track my journey, and the result is here I don't know why my speed graph went over 40 mph several times, and a max speed of 72.7 mph! My speedometer on my bike reported a max speed of 27.9 mph.

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