Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Winter Shoes

I was struggling to put on my tatty neoprene overshoes yesterday, over my old SPD shoes with chilly mesh sides, when I thought wouldn't it be good if you could get thermal waterproof winter shoes. Well of course you can, at a price. I don't know why I haven't considered this option before.
So I spent some time online at work deciding which to go for, then rang the local bike shop, who happened to have some Shimano MW80s in my size in a sale for £110 (reduced from £150). I bought them but was told they don't come with clips. Fortunately I managed to find a spare pair at home (the shop sells them for £17!).
I tried them out this morning in drizzle with 1 pair of ordinary wool blend socks and tights. My feet were a comfortable temp and seemed dry, until I took them off and I noticed some dampness around the ankle where the neoprene "gaitor" is. I'm not sure why they didn't use Goretex like in the shoe itself. On my return home it was raining steadily so I put on the thin hiking overtrousers I usually wear, plus 2 pairs of socks, and I'm pleased to report my feet were very warm and dry throughout my ride. Trevor you should get some! I've also got some other easy fitting overshoes I could add in really wet weather.
Besides the problem with the damp ankle, they are a bit heavy - but look as if they'll last. The Northwave GTX Celsius is Goretex thoughout and lighter so could be a good alternative. I'm pleased with these though. I'm planning a longer ride at the weekend to see if my feet stay warm.


  1. Sounds like these are certainly worth checking out Pete...Thanks for the post..


  2. There are road bike versions too, but I've got SPD pedals on my road and hybrid bikes. Evans Cycles has quite a few to chose from, mostly around £150. I don't mind paying for quality footwear that lasts though.