Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ashridge Splash

I haven't been doing much cycling lately apart from commuting, but have done quite a bit of walking (Sussex coast last week). Nicky and I were planning a ride to Newbury and back a couple of weeks ago, but the forecast was for rain - which in the end never arrived! Then 2 Lejog friends were meant to go on a ride today, but one had an ankle injury. Anyway it was really wet this morning and didn't stop till about 2pm. I decided to venture out on my road bike with clip on mudguards and I wrapped up well. I cycled up over Ashridge and had to cycle through massive puddles that took up the whole width of the road. Fortunately I didn't get splashed by any cars, but I should have worn my neoprene overshoes. After an hour my feet were like ice, despite 2 pairs of wool socks - the temp being around 5C. I did wear my scullcap under my helmet so had nice warm ears though.
The sign in the picture seems to be permanently lit to warn you to slow down to avoid deer. From Ivinghoe Beacon I cycled through Ivinghoe Aston to Mentmore then back via Long Marston. A round trip of 23 miles. I only saw 2 other cyclists on the road - normally there are peletons of them!
I've pretty well given up on my diet, although am eating healthily and haven't put back on the half stone I've lost. Maybe I'll try to loose a bit more in the spring.

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  1. My feet usually suffer the most during my winter rides too...Even with overshoes on three hours is about the longest ride I can do with any degree of foot comfort...