Saturday, 24 November 2012

Shoe Trials

I went on a 24 mile bike ride this morning to Stewkley and back, and it rained apart from at the start and was quite cold, so a good test for my new shoes. I put the Altura overshoe / waterproof covers shown on, mainly to protect my ankles, then when the rain became heavier put my lightweight overtrousers on, so there was no way I'd get wet. My feet remained warm and dry throughout. The overshoes are much easier to get on and off than the warmer neoprene ones, as they have velcro at the back. There were straps under the sole but I removed them as they covered my clips. I think for maximum warmth you need 2 pairs of warm socks, and not have your shoes done up so tight it restricts circulation.
Week's mileage 64.


  1. I agree with you regarding the two pairs of socks and not doing the shoes up too tight.....
    I must say the shoes are sounding more attractive with each of your posts Pete.....


  2. I have given up on over shoes - I think they are ok but not perfect. I now wear a pair of sealskins waterproof socks with a pair of silk socks underneath. This works well, no real bulk and keeps feet warm and more importantly dry!

  3. I saw some sealskin socks for £30 in Blacks the other day. But with Goretex shoes and overshoes I'm already using a belt and braces approach! I might invest in better socks though for winter proper, for both cycling and hiking.