Saturday, 11 August 2012

USA Coast to Coast

Whilst waiting for our flight to Budapest this morning I got chatting to a young chap who had a "USA 2012 Tri 4 Life" t shirt on, as did about a dozen or so others. It turns out they're cycling across USA in 21 days as a relay team. He was saying they were mainly from 1 extended family (3 generations) and in the Merseyside Triathlon club. They plan to cycle 150 to 250 miles a day. I'm not sure I'd fancy it as the east must be flat and a bit monotonous, whilst the Rockys very steep. I'd quite fancy doing the west coast from LA to Seattle though.
Further info here:

More on Hungary tomorrow. We've met our Hungarian guide, his Dad is driving the minibus and the rest of the team are my wife, a German called Reiner and me. (4 others dropped out it seems).

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