Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rainy Ride

I went for a ride on my road bike this morning, planning to cycle to a cafe in Stewkley and back, but when I got there it was closed down. So I decided to cycle a further 7 miles to Winslow where there are 2 cafes but when I got there both were closed! I eventually found a garage with a coffee machine. On my way back there was a huge storm, but my Endura Photon jacket stored in my saddlebag (pictured) did the trick. I can't understand why more leisure road cyclists don't use bigger saddlebags to store such essentials. Many just get wet, which can't be much fun.
I got stuck behind 5 steamrollers as I was returning home to Tring, but sped past them on the straight. Total mileage 38. Weekly total only 54. I was suffering from an upset stomach earlier in the week, caused by a dodgy pint I think, so didn't cycle till yesterday.

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