Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hungary Day 1

My wife and I had booked a 5 day guided cycling holiday of the Puszla plains and Lake Tisza and spa towns in eastern Hungary. More info here:
We met our guide and his Dad the driver at 8:45 then drove for about 2 hrs to our starting point, on a small road/path along the top of a river flood levee to the west of R. Tisza. Our bikes are Merida Classic 200s - hybrids with front suspension suitable for bumpy minor roads. The weather today was quite cool and cloudy with some sun. 24C max, compared with 38C max a few weeks ago!
We cycled for about an hour before lunch in a village of goulash, potatoes and beer. After lunch we cycled another 2 or 3 hours and crossed the river by ferry. It was a bit uncertain if the ferry would be running as the river depth is only 0.5m. Total distance 50 km. We're staying 2 nights in Berekfurdo in a nice hotel with its own thermal pool. The countryside is flat arable land with deciduous woodland, and villages where bicycles and horse drawn carts are popular transport. There's hardly any road traffic it's amazing. Here's some photos.

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