Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wet Bum

I went for a 15 mile ride after dinner last night on one of my usual circuits via Wingrave and Mentmore, as it was a nice evening. I hadn't allowed for the fact that the roads were full of massive puddles though from the recent rain (although it stopped raining at lunchtime). I hadn't put my clip on mudguards on so my cycling shorts were sodden and my jersey got splashes up the back. I can't understand how road cyclists on long trips where rain is inevitable, refuse to put on mudguards.
I've been riding to work twice a week lately, but not done much at weekends for one reason or another.

1 comment:

  1. I have always been a fan of mudguards and like you I can't understand why some people just refuse to fit them.....although I am reliably informed by a club member many years younger than me that they are seen as un-cool.
    I have them permanently fitted to both my Tourer and my Audax/Training bikes and I have clip-ons for my Felt Z1, although I probably wouldn't use that bike in the rain anyway.....