Sunday, 13 May 2012

Exmoor Ride

Nicky and I travelled to Lynmouth in Exmoor on the Friday night and my brother Mike (pictured) joined us on the Saturday for a bike ride. Mike's cycling from Paris to Nice with Discover Adventure next month and hasn't had much time for training. My original plan was to cycle along the north coast, but having driven up and down the 25% hills at Porlock and Lynmouth the night before we decided that the less steep, but still challenging, climb over to Simonsbath was preferable. We set off at 10.30 in a cloudless blue sky, that lasted all day. I'd had a full English at the hotel, whereas Mike had just had cereal before his 7am start from Penzance - so I had an advantage. We both got up to the moors ok though along the wooded valley and stopped at 11.30 for coffee at Simonsbath, then on to Exford and Dulverton for a pub lunch. There were quite a few steep hills that tested our legs and gears, and if I was on my own I would probably have got off and pushed once or twice. We got a bit lost at one point and ended up cycling on some pretty minor roads more like farm tracks, then found our way to North Morton and had coffee and a chocolate bar each. It was quite a long climb up to Simonsbath, for more tea and cake around 5pm before heading down the wooded valley to our hotel. A great day only 55 miles but with some testing climbs, that should be good training for Mike's Tour de France. Route  here 
Today Nicky and I did a walk in the morning before heading home. Nicky had done a 12 mile walk along the coast whilst we were cycling and took some stunning photos.

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  1. You are right there Pete regarding the testing hills around Exmoor...I've been in a few cycling events over the moor and along the coast....Great cycling..
    I have also walked that entire coastline and and it certainly can offer up some great photographs weather permitting.....
    Tomorrow I am off to the 'other' moor- Dartmoor, for a weeks walking and wild camping I hope this change of weather continues.