Monday, 7 May 2012

May Day Weekend

I did a 20 mile ride on Sat in the Chilterns in quite nice weather. Today I did a longer ride of about 50 miles past Watlington, mostly in the rain. I can't say the exact mileage as the battery in my mileometer sensor seems to be flat. It started raining as forecast after the first hour of my ride, but I had mudguards and waterproof jacket on so didn't mind. I could have done with my neoprene overshoes on but my wet feet didn't get too cold. Just a base layer and my packable waterproof kept me just the right temp, and my Nikwaxed polyester tights worked well. Happy to report dry bum and legs!
I sheltered from the rain at one point in a bus shelter near the M40 and a chap got talking to me who said he used to have the exact same road bike as mine. Also he used to live in Tring and teach at our sons' school. Bit of a coincidence!

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  1. I too have sheltered from the rain in many bus shelters whilst out riding......your coincidence just shows how small the world can be.
    Many years ago on a trekking trip in northern India a Land Rover stopped on the trail and it turned out to be a guy who lived at the end of the same street I lived in.....