Saturday, 6 November 2010


This afternoon I had a ride around all the places I'd stuck orange way marker triangles, such as the one shown here, in order to leave the route tidy. I'd put these up to mark the start and end of our Wallingford bike ride over a month ago. All of them were still there - if a little weather beaten. The trip from Tring to Longwick and back was around 27 miles. With the 2 rides to work I did this week brings my weekly total to around 60 miles.

I've decided to use the saddle bag shown for day trips as it's big enough for waterproofs, wallet, phone, flask and snacks, and offers less wind resistance than the panniers I use to work.

My diet's going ok. I seem to be loosing around 1 lb a week, although some weeks I loose 2 lb during the week and put on 1 lb at the weekend. Anyway I've lost around 3 lb in 3 weeks by just eating a little less, and trying to get some sort of daily exercise. If I can get down to 11st this way I'll be really pleased - however Xmas will probably make this difficult!

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