Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ashridge trip in cold

The weather's been pretty freezing this weekend, so I decided to give the ride around Stevenage a miss yesterday, as there was a dusting of snow on the ground in the morning - on top of a heavy frost and the possibility of more snow showers. So we went for couple of walks instead - (Wilstone Reservoir pictured left). It's been sunny but cold today so this afternoon I cleaned my bike with some new spray from my bike shop - which appeared to dissolve my tyres a bit too, or at least make them a bit slimey. It did a good job of cleaning the gunk off the chain and gears. Then I went for a 12 mile ride up Ashridge to Ivinghoe Beacon car park and back before it started to freeze again - although you had to watch out for black ice in shady bits of road. My feet were like blocks of ice at the end as I thought that 2 pairs of socks would be enough - but I should have worn my neoprene overshoes.

I've only been cycling to work once or twice a week recently because of the weather, although I have been going to the gym and swimming quite a bit. Most days I do some sort of exercise. My attempts at a diet have failed - and I've put back on the few pounds I've lost - but am still just under 12 st. I might try again in the spring when I can be a bit more active.

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  1. Cold feet - wear a pair of silk socks under your regular cycling socks. Silk is a very very thin layer but does wonders at keeping feet warm, even when wet (when wet starts to smell though). I wear silk socks, with wooly socks on top, then shoes, then neoprene overshoes!