Thursday, 21 October 2010

Commuting and Diet

I've cycled to work every day this week the 16 mile round trip, which means assuming I cycle in tomorrow I will have totalled 78 miles. The weather's been good - if a little chilly, and I've had no band practice. I've also been to the gym, a spinning class and swimming at lunchtimes. I'm usually a bit busy at weekends to cycle, but go for walks and gardening etc.

I'm also trying to loose about 1lb a week to get down to 11st (25 BMI) by the end of the year. I'm currently just under 12st (and 5'6") - which is about half a stone heavier than when I did LEJOG (still the same height!). According to websites if I consume about 2000 calories per day or less and exercise regularly I should make my target. So I'm having 3 medium-sized meals a day, just snacking on fruit and not drinking much alcohol. I'm not bothering counting calories though in any detail - too much effort. As I said earlier loosing weight is a lot cheaper option than buying a lighter bike - and a healthy approach. I usually try to eat high-fibre, low-fat foods to keep my cholersterol down too, but I don't agree with faddy diets - and pretty much eat and drink what I fancy.

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