Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cycling Safety

Whilst the recent deaths of cyclists in London are undoubtedly the fault of dangerous drivers and bad junctions, I think there's quite a bit cyclists can do to improve their safety. I always wear a helmet and high-vis or bright clothing and have lights on or flashing in dim light or at night. I'm not sure you could enforce helmets etc legally, but wouldn't object for main roads at least. I also tend to hog the centre of a lane at junctions, and am wary of undertaking on the inside of traffic or cycling between queuing traffic. I'm not sure if cyclists undertaking is legal, although it is for cars in traffic where there are 2 or more lanes. I quite often use the middle of the road in traffic on the A41 into Aylesbury in the mornings, provided there is plenty space. I also generally avoid bike lanes that force cyclists to cross busy roads at separate crossings, although like the idea of totally segregated bike lanes with preferential traffic lights.
Hopefully they'll get the London problems sorted - I wouldn't fancy cycling there.

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