Friday, 18 January 2013

Tour de Yorkshire 2014

I've been looking at the day 1 route for the Tour de France 2014 warm up and the route is very similar to the trip Nicky and I did on hybrids a couple of years ago - except we took 4 days stopping at Kettlewell, Hawes and Masham. I think I've been on or near all these roads either in my youth, when I started youth hostelling aged 13 on my Dawes Debonair 10 speed racer (with Brooks saddle and Karrimor saddle bag), or on the recent trip. There are quite a few steep hills between the dales and the roads are pretty narrow in places. The route also goes within about 5 miles of my parents bungalow, when it passes Harewood. I'm not sure whether I'll arrange to visit - as I don't like crowds much.

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