Sunday, 23 December 2012

Last Ride of 2012 ... probably

The weather was quite mild and dry today so after a 5 mile walk with Nicky in the morning, followed by lunch, my son Pat and I headed off north on road bikes. Pat (pictured) is back from Vietnam over Xmas and was on his old steel Ricci bike. We did one of my usual routes to Wingrave and Stewkley, then back via Wing (with stop at shop for drink and snack) and Mentmore. It was quite overcast and windy on the final return leg. It was a round trip of 24 miles.

So this year has seen no epic long distance rides, and in fact the longest day trip was only 78 miles. However, I've probably cycled around 3,500 miles and it has helped me keep fit, and saved a bit of petrol. I don't get obsessive about cycling but regard it as part of a health and fitness regime, that includes good diet (low fat, alcohol & caffeine), good work life balance, and exercise including walking, jogging, gym and swimming. As a result my weight and cholesterol are down, and I'm feeling pretty good.

Next year Nicky and I have our May Land's End trip planned, and I'm thinking of doing a couple of audax/charity rides again in March. I quite fancy doing a 200 km audax/sportive - but only if it is nearby and convenient.

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  1. Happy New Year Pete
    I'm sure you have this link...but in case you don't