Monday, 30 January 2012

New front light - Smart Lunar 35

My front light on my hybrid packed up last week when cycling home - or to be precise it went off once and I fiddled with it for 5 mins in the dark and it came back on long enough to get me home. I then took it apart to check the connections and couldn't get it to work at all. So I bought one of these which is pretty good, and although it only needs 2 x AA batteries rather than the 4 my old one used, it's a lot brighter. As I needed it quickly I had to buy it from my local bike shop for £39.95 rather than the £17.50 online price!


  1. Hi Pete..
    Thanks for your visit to my 'purpletraveller' blog and linking in as a follower. Looking through some of your back posts on both your blogs I see we have a bit in common,both having done LEJOG. I did it in 2008.
    You would probably have enjoyed my big trip of last year, riding from Gibraltar back to Bournemouth (Aug/Sept) I did it with a mate and we were unsupported for most of the way.
    I look forward to reading your future posts...

  2. Hi Trevor
    Yes I fancy doing a long unsupported trip sometime, maybe through France, although at the moment I tend to take my holidays abroad with my family. Maybe when I retire! My wife and I are cycling in Hungary in the summer, but it's only 5 days of short rides on an organised trip. It should be fun though.