Monday, 30 January 2012

35 mile ride in Chilterns

I did a circular ride yesterday on my road bike, mainly to see if I could make it up the steep hill between Saunderston and Speen, that is on the Iain Rennie ride. Well I can't - so will have to resort to walking up the last bit. Even on my hybrid with my lowest granny gear (32 back - 28 front) this 1 in 3 hill is difficult, and walking up it is about as quick. I might swap my 11-25 cassette on my road bike for an 11-28 one sometime, but will probably wait till it next needs servicing. My local bike shop prefers to replace the cassette whenever the chain is worn and a bigger gear range would be good for touring with panniers (not that I have any plans at the moment).

The forecast was for dry weather and above freezing, but it was still cold at about 4 deg C. I'd wished I'd have put my overshoes on - not just 2 pairs of socks, and had an extra layer on my chest or a warmer jumper underneath my waterproof jacket.

I also tested out a map holder which I bought for Audax directions, but found I couldn't really see the Google map print outs clearly without reading glasses! It should be useful for directions though and clips on and off easily. I might be able to use it for maps if I printed bold clear ones.

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