Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ride in the Rain

I did a short 16 mile ride to Berkhamsted and back via Ashridge on Sunday when rain showers were threatening. A mixture of sunshine and heavy showers. I didn't have mudgards on or somewhere to stash my waterproof when I got too hot in the sun. So I got pretty wet and sticky. Not having riden a bike without mudgards in the wet before I found the wet bum sensation and extra splash on your shoes unpleasant. So I've added Crud 2 Road Racer mudguards (only 180g) and the larger saddle bag that I used on LEJOG. I need to have mudguards for the Audax I'm booked on next month anyway. The bag, a Dirt Monkey one, attaches to the back of the saddle and doesn't require a rack. I've considered using a rucksack for waterproofs but it feels restrictive and sweaty. The bag is big enough to store my waterproof jacket and a few other essentials. The flask in the photo is just an idea at present - I'm not sure if it would stay in. You can get special flask holders for bikes which might be an idea, although on long rides I'll probably use two bidons (water and energy drink).

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