Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ricci Repair

Our eldest son managed to break his Campag derailliers a while back - well the spring had gone anyway and it didn't keep the chain tensioned. Rather than trying to get replacement Campag gears I bought a Shimano Tourney one for £15 and fitted it myself. It seems to work a treat - although spoils the look a bit of the vintage steel Ricci bike. But as we only paid £20 for the bike he didn't want to spend much money on it.

I was hoping we'd do a ride last weekend, but he was busy, so I did a 15 mile road bike run on my own. I'd also cycled to work 2 or 3 times last week.


  1. Hi Pete,
    Just thought I'd send you a wee message to say how much I've enjoyed reading through your blogs. I'm doing the LEJOG challenge with discover adventure next year and was checking out route maps etc and came across your challenge blog. Having read that I then went through all the other blogs since, very impressive.
    Good luck with all your future cycling, keep fit, weight loss!! I'll keep reading for sure.

  2. Hi Nick, Sorry for the delay in replying (in fact I tried to reply earlier but it seemed to get lost). I haven't been doing much cycling lately as I've had a cold - just done the odd ride to work and an hour at weekends.
    Good luck with Lejog. Don't let them push you too hard. It's good to lark about and have the extra stops, rather than racing along and just seeing tarmac. The training plan is pretty good - no need to overdo it. If I did it again I'd do it on my road bike with a saddle bag big enough for a waterproof/extra layer.
    Cheers, Pete