Friday, 9 March 2012

What to wear?

I find it difficult to judge what to wear on a bike trip when the weather is neither really cold or hot. I either seem to sweat away in a waterproof or get chilled by wind blowing through me if I don't wear one. When I'm on my hybrid I can just pack things away in my pannier, but on my road bike I have to check the forecast and plan ahead. I've recently bought a packable Endura Photon waterproof breathable jacket (pictured), which is small, light but a bit sweaty. It can easily pack into a back pocket though. I've also got a warm cycling jersey, but wearing both would be too hot. My other alternative is a heavier softshell waterproof with underarm vents (belonging to my wife), which feels comfy most weathers. Then there's my rather rubbery waterproof, which is good in the cold.

I've also just invested in a pair of lighter weight gloves, as it's too warm now for my lined waterproof ones, and a bit too cold for fingerless. My feet seem ok without overshoes on now, unless it rains, although I've seen a few people wearing them this week. So just 2 pairs of socks do the trick, and I can always take a pair off. I feel like Goldilocks!


  1. I've managed to go without overshoes this week too...Always a bit of a problem though to know what to wear at this time of year Pete...


  2. I just keep my core warm by wearing a base layer, short sleeved jersey, long sleeved jersey on top and then a waterproof gilet. I find a full waterproof too hot, but a gilet is great as it blocks the wind and arms can be cooled or warmed by pulling jersey sleeves up or down.

  3. I use a base layer, cycle top and a Gore pacelite waterproof. The water proof has great windproofing too and despite its thinness keeps me warm enough without getting over hot. What people seem to wear at this time of year is almost as diverse as the bikes we ride!


  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. Hopefully it will be t-shirt and shorts weather soon, maybe with a base layer to absorb sweat and take the chill off. I usually have a bit of space in my saddle bag to store a top layer, tights or waterproof if the temps hot up. My strategy on day trips is to fill up my small saddle bag with snacks then replace it with surplus clothing by lunchtime!