Monday, 13 February 2012

Back in the saddle after the freeze

I haven't cycled for the last 2 weeks because of the icy weather, but yesterday the temperatures were just above freezing (3C) and the roads seemed ok. So I did a 15 mile circuit on my hybrid, which I thought would handle any black ice better. I also wanted to check that 3 pairs of socks (silk, then wool, then cotton) plus my neoprene overshoes kept my feet warm enough, which they did. I needed my Endura scullcap under my helmet too to stop my ears from falling off.

I was planning on meeting up with LEJOG friends to do Box Hill in Surrey yesterday, but we've postponed that for 2 weeks. I plan to return to cycling to work tomorrow too, and will continue to commute by bike twice a week or more, as usual.

1 comment:

  1. Great to see that you have managed to get out on the bike, following the icy weather Pete...

    I've been lucky down here, as apart from a couple of days of icy weather, in the main I have been able to ride on most days.

    Interested to see that you are planning on riding Box Hill. When I was about 14yrs of age I used to cycle from home(Feltham Nr Hounslow)with friends to Box Hill - ride the hill and then ride back home....Happy days!