Monday, 28 February 2011

Hythe to Folkstone and back

Nicky and I stayed a couple of nights in Hythe on the Kent south coast at the weekend and brought our bikes. We cycled to Folkstone along the promenade cycle path in the mist. Had lunch in a nice pub in the centre of Folkestone with real fires and decent ale and food. We weren't too impressed with Folkestone as a town though. Nicky was keen to visit the war memorial so we carried on up the hill in quite thick fog, and Nicky managed to fall off her bike whilst mounting the kerb - but was ok apart from a couple of grazes. Saw a Spitfire and Hurricane and monument, then headed back down to the coast and back along the prom. The weather had brightened up and the route quite busy, which made passing from behind a bit of a pain especially as people were walking 4 abreast (a couple of tings of my bell usually did the trick though). Our round trip was 15 to 20 miles. We had planned to do another bike ride that w/e, but the weather was a bit wet and windy, so we walked instead.

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